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Tomato ‘Brandywine’ (Solanum lycopersicum)


Heirloom variety. A slow growing, beefsteak tomato with oddly shaped, red fruit. The soft skin may be ribbed and is subject to splitting. The pinkish flesh is rich flavoured and creamy. Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation

Cultivation: In Ireland it is best to grow tomato crops under protection although there are a number of varieties that are suited to outdoor cultivation

Pests & Diseases: Blossom end rot, Tomato blight, Tomato leaf mould, tomato splitting and cracking

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Family: Solanaceae
Seedling Spacing: 70cm
Row Spacing: 100cm
Harvest: July to October
Good Companion: Asparagus, basil, cabbage, carrot, onion
  Parsley, pea and sage
Bad Companion: Fennel and potato


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