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Irish Fuchsia Nursery

Irish Fuchsia Nursery is a specialist plant nursery based in Monamolin, Gorey, County Wexford. The main focus of the nursery is the propagation and promotion of hardy and half-hardy Fuchsia. As well as the building and maintenance of the Irish Hardy/Half-hardy Fuchsia Collection and introduction of new cultivars as appropriate.

At Irish Fuchsia Nursery we also produce, Sweet Pea in Variety, Granny Annuals, Bulbs, Vegetable seedlings and Herbs, Seasonal Plants & Planters

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Plant of The Week

Hyacinthus orientalis (Hyacinths)

Bulb planting season is with us again and as It is a while since I’ve had the chance to update this section, I would like to highlight the bulbous perennial Hyacinthus orientalis or hyacinth.

Each hyacinth bulb produces one or more spikes of tubular-bell-shaped, waxy blossoms above glossy green, strap-shaped leaves.  They are a popular and highly fragrant flower, blooming outdoors in early spring.

Originating from Central and South Turkey, North West Syria and Lebanon the bulbs are fully hardy and will grow in any moderately fertile, well-drained soil in sun or partial shade.

My first acquaintance with hyacinths was as an indoor plant grown to bloom at Christmas or shortly thereafter.  Prepared bulbs are those specially treated for forcing into early flower indoors.  This year we are offering four different varieties; Hyacinthus ‘Delft Blue’ has soft blue flowers, H. ‘Fondant has pale pink with almost white edged blooms, H. ‘Yellowstone’ sports buttery, yellow flowers and H. ‘Jan Bos’ is dark, cerise-pink,

All are fragrant and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have some of these enticing blossoms to add colour and scent to your Christmas household. In order to maximise your chances of early flowering, you need to purchase your bulbs early and plant in suitable containers with just their tips showing, in free-draining compost.  Water, drain and store in a cool, dark place for 8 to 12 weeks.  Monitor for water and shoot development, as soon as the shoots are 4-5cm tall gradually acclimatise to warmer indoor conditions.

Hyacinths can also be grown in bulbs vases. Rest the bulb on the narrow neck of the vase with the water level just below the base of the bulb.  It is advisable not to mix varieties within each bowl or container as they may mature at different rates.

Why not give it a go!  if you don’t feel up to the challenge, we can grow them for you.  Potted hyacinths should be available from mid-December.

Customer Review

It was lovely to meet Leonie at ISNA Fota Plant Fair on Sunday, 18th September. I was enquiring about buying some more Narcissus ‘Silver Charms’ that I had bought from her last year.  I thought they were particularly lovely when they flowered in April.

Best wishes and thank you.

Phyll Carroll, Glanmire, Cork

Had a lovely visit to Leonie's fuchsia nursery last weekend. It's really an Aladdin’s cave for fuchsia lovers - over 150 varieties - bush, trailing, hardy, half hardy as well as other garden plants. She is very passionate and knowledgeable and we learnt so much even in a short visit. I'd really recommend you take a trip to enrich your garden. Be inspired while supporting a native enthusiast instead of big industrial growers and imports.

Kate Jennings , Wicklow

I really enjoyed my visit to the Irish Fuchsia nursery and was intrigued by the companion planting around the tomatoes. Leonie is very willing to share her considerable expertise and experience and I learnt a lot. Now to plant out the lovely cornflowers and succulents I bought from her at a very reasonable price!.

 Pat O’Brien, Wicklow

Absolutely love visiting Irish Fuchsia Nursery, a lovely array of plants and friendly service too.

Brigit Roche, Wexford

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