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Tomato ‘Alicante’ (Solanum lycopersicum)


An indoor or outdoor cordon type tomato suitable for the Irish climate.  Quick to ripen, Alicante is a popular, reliable variety with a pleasant flavour.  Ideal beginner-growers tomato

Cultivation:   In Ireland it is best to grow tomato crops under protection although there are a number of varieties that are suited to outdoor cultivation

Pests & Diseases:   Blossom end rot, Tomato blight, Tomato leaf mould, tomato splitting and cracking

Tomatoes are a popular vegetable and are very versatile they can be eaten raw, cooked, pickled or processed. There are a number of different types including cherry, plum, beefsteak and the common rounded varieties. They also come in a range of colours yellow, orange, purple as well as the more familiar red shades. There are two different growth habits cordon or bush with some types best suited to one or the other. Cordons, need training up a support and removal of side shoots while bush varieties need no support and there is no need to remove side shoots

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Family: Solanaceae
Seedling Spacing: 30cm
Row Spacing: 60cm
Harvest: July to September
Good Companion: Asparagus, basil, cabbage, carrot, onion
  Parsley, pea and sage
Bad Companion: Fennel and potato


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