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Luffah Gourd (Luffa cylindrica) Loofah


A climber, with rough maple shaped leaves. Green cylindrical fruits in mid-summer. Height 2.5-4m. Young fruits may be eaten similar to cucumber. Mature fruits turn yellow and can be peeled to reveal the fibrous sponge

Cultivation:  A climbing/trailing plant, best grown indoors producing gourd like fruit. Cucumbers are heavy feeders and will need regular feeding in containers and manured soil if grown outdoors

Pests & Diseases:  White Fly and Cucumber Mosaic Virus

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Family: Cucurbitaceae
Seedling Spacing: 50cm
Row Spacing: 50cm
Harvest: July to September
Good Companion: Bean, broccoli, celery, Chinese cabbage
  Lettuce, pea, radish and tomato
Bad Companion: Sage


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