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Mint (Garden mint, Spearmint, Lamb mint)


Fully hardy, vigorous spreading scented perennial with narrowly-oval, slightly wrinkled leaves. Spikes of lilac, pink or white flowers ae borne in summer.

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Plant Name: Mentha spicata
Family Name: Lamiaceae
Height & Spread: 30cm x indefinite
Growing Conditions: Grow in rich, moist soil in full sun or partial shade. Confine roots to avoid invasive tendency.
Good Companion: Mint is a good companion to cabbage and plants in general.
Bad Companion: Parsley
Culinary Uses: Leaves are used as flavouring with peas, potatoes and salads. Mint is the key ingredient in mint sauce and mint jelly as well as being used for herbal teas, iced drinks and salads.


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