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Dill (Anethum graveolens) syn. Peucedanum graveolens


Hardy annual/biennial with blue/green finely divided mildly aniseed flavoured, aromatic leaves. Yellow flowers form flattened umbels in summer followed by oval aromatic seeds. Attractive to bees, pollinators and beneficial insects. Helps deter aphids and spider mites

Cultivation:  Grow in well-drained neutral to slightly acid soil in full sun.

Height &  Spread:  60-90cm x 15-30cm

Culinary Uses:    Seeds and leaves are used with egg, fish, seafood and potatoes. Can be used as flavouring for vinegar and pickles.

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Family: Apiaceae
Plant Type: Hardy annual/biennial
Good Companion: Cabbage, lettuce and onion
Bad Companion: Carrot, tomato and fennel


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